Making the Monferrato known to people by riding a gravel bike or a mountain bike or an e-bike on the gravel roads of this region: this is the main objective of Bike Comedy Club. and Monferrato Bike Tours. It is an eco-compatible project addressing all bike lovers and aiming at an eco-sustainable touristic development of the region. It offers a unique opportunity to plan one’sstay in Monferrato under the guide of an expert and relying on his assistance.
From spring to autumn Bike Comedy Club is putting their knowledge and theyr passion for biking at disposal of all bike lovers to let them discover wild places, characteristic villages, traditions and art in Monferrato. Among the varous events in the agenda we can find tra the Monsterrato in June and the Gravellata in october, both events taking place on gravel roads.
Small groups, tailor made tours to suit your needs. Connection with the VenTo cycle linking Venice and Turin on protected roads along the banks of the Po river
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La Monsterrato Strade Bianche Monferrato 23 giugno 2019​
La Gravellata Monferrato​, 12-13 October 2019

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Going through these valleys…

“Going through these hills, these valleys, these forests, these banks under the favour of moonlight an a frosty, dark winter night, next to trees that look like monumnets, where the only sounds to break the silence of these magical moments  are the nocturnal bird’s calls or the barking of fare away  farm dog. They lead you into a surreal, timeless dimensions. Leave the house just before dawn, head into a land of meadows  which begin to vapor at the appearance of the first timid rays of sun, partially dissolvingh the fog that forms a delicate, etherealer blanket. It reveals, in the light of day, the breathtaking beauty of the land. This is and additional, undeniable reward when one is on the hunt for truffles”
Emanuele Rendo, 365Monferrato

La Gravellata Monferrato
La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato


The Gravellata Monferrato is the event that Bike Comedy Club Monferrato organize in spring for the more and more numerous gravel-bike lovers.

The Academy Strade Bianche (Gravel Roads Academy) is thought for all those people who like cycling on gravel-roads: the Director is Luca Zuccotti, technician FCI and biker who is also a great expert in gravel-roads.

A long list of events that from March to November will bring the bike lovers to the discovery of Monferrato World Heritage Site Unesco, of its castles, vineyards and Infernot

Bike Comedy Club Monferrato e Maremma
La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato

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